Often asked: What Is The American Literacy, Scientific, And Military Academy Called Today?

What is the name of the congressional act that launched the JROTC program?

The National Defense Act of 1916 established organized JROTC programs at public and private educational institutions. In 1964, Congress expanded the program to all military services and changed from active duty to shared support from the services and schools.

What is the primary purpose of a hand salute today quizlet?

What is the primary purpose of a hand salute today? D) To indicate respect for those in positions of authority. Explain the history of the hand salute.

What is the purpose of Army JROTC?

The JROTC program is designed to teach high school students the value of citizenship, leadership, service to the community, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment, while instilling in them self-esteem, teamwork, and self discipline.

What do you call a rope or tackle used for hoisting or lowering?

halyard. rope or tackle used for hoisting or lowering the flag.

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What are the three types of unit decorations?

The JROTC Awards Program offers three types of unit decorations: Merit Unit, Honor Unit and Honor Unit with Distinction.

Can you salute without headgear?

In saluting, turn your head and eyes toward the person or flag you are saluting. The proper way to salute when wearing the beret or without headgear is to raise your right hand until the tip of your forefinger touches the outer edge of your right eyebrow (just above and to the right of your right eye).

Can you salute with your left hand in the Army?

In the Army and Air Force, the salute is given with the right hand palm facing forward and fingers slightly touching the right side of the forehead, but not on the forehead. The salute is never performed by the left hand even if the right hand is occupied.

What is the command for lowering a hand salute?

To terminate the hand salute, the command is ” Order, arms”. On the command of execution, “Arms” lower the right hand sharply to the side as in the position of attention and then re-grasp the sling at the original position with the right hand.

What is a position of honor?

• Positions of Honor. The principle that the right side of a person or thing is the position of. honor is a time honor tradition. The “right of the line” was the critical side in ancient battle formations and is the place of honor in ceremonies today. o The first place of honor is always on the right.

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What are the three components of the pyramid of authority?

Name the three elements in the Pyramid of Authority. Unity of Command, span of control, and chain of command.

What are three factors that affect personal appearance?

Name three factors that affect personal appearance. Height, weight, and blood pressure.

What rank does JROTC give you?

If you have two years of JROTC training, you can enter at the rank of airman (pay grade E-2). You also can enter at this level if you have 20 credits from an accredited college or university, or if you have achieved Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold.

What grade does ROTC start?

Many U.S. high schools have 3- to 4-year JROTC programs run by various branches of the military. You may be eligible to enroll in your school’s JROTC program starting in 9th grade.

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