Often asked: What Time Period Does Arsenal Military Academy Take Place In?

What genre is Arsenal Military Academy?

The ending for the most part was happy (although far from satisfactory), Shen Ting Bai and Qu Man Ting finally got together, and of course so did Xie Xiang with Yan Zheng (with Junshan’s blessing). What did you think of Arsenal Military Academy?

Is there romance in Arsenal Military Academy?

Their low-key romance will make you laugh, cry, and at times, make you cringe from embarrassment. Although romance is not the main focus of the drama, it does not dampen the incredible chemistry between Xu Kai and Bai Lu.

Does the legends have a happy ending?

This drama tries to end happy but does so in a very rushed and confusing way. In the final episode, Zhao Yao is making the best of life without Li Chen Lan. It is later revealed that Li Chen Lan is not dead but meditating in the heavens (presumably purifying his soul).

Which Chinese drama should I watch?

15 Best Chinese Dramas You Should Watch Now

  • There’s something magical about every single drama on this list!
  • “Secret of the Three Kingdoms”
  • “The King’s Woman”
  • “The Endless Love”
  • “Lost in 1949”
  • “Legend of Fuyao”
  • “Here to Heart”
  • “Bloody Romance”

Did Bai Lu really cut her hair?

Bai, who stars as the female protagonist, recalls that it was a hard decision to cut her hair short for the role. Besides, she also did a one-month military training program, including learning to use weapons.

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