FAQ: Acellus Academy What Type Of School Supplies?

What curriculum does Acellus Academy use?

Acellus Academy uses video instruction and interactive coursework for each class. Our curriculum uses Prism Diagnostics™, which we developed to give each student a personalized learning experience.

Does Acellus use Common Core?

Here it is, the crux for many homeschool families… is Acellus Academy common core? The good news is, it is both! You can choose common core aligned courses or non aligned!

What is the difference between Acellus homeschool and Acellus Academy?

Acellus Academy is an online home school accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Power Homeschool is a courseware delivery tool which provides online courseware to students being homeschool by their parents, and as such, is not accredited.

What classes does Acellus have?

Course offerings span grades K-12 and encompass the following subjects:

  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • Language Arts.
  • Social Studies.
  • Fine Arts.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Health.
  • Personal Finance.

Can you cheat on Acellus?

Acellus students find an atmosphere of dedication and purpose within which honesty is an expectation. Instances of cheating on assignments, tests, examinations, projects, presentations, reports, laboratory reports, etc. will be subject to punitive action.

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Is Acellus a good program?

” Acellus Academy is a great program for my elementary school kids. We started Acellus during the start of the COVID pandemic for my 3rd and 5th grade kids and the results we had has been phenomenal. My kids experienced no learning loss but rather they excelled.

Is Acellus Academy hard?

Since Acellus is K-12, that means your young kiddos can do it all the way through high school. This isn’t just some “get out of school free” card- an accredited online homeschool program is rigorous and challenging, but it’s challenging in all the right ways.

Do public schools use Acellus?

While several schools around the country have now dropped Acellus, others have stuck by it, including the state of Hawaii and the Peoria Public School District in Illinois.

Do you have to do the special lessons on Acellus?

Special Lessons are an important part of our program. These onsite assignments help students develop and improve important skills that are not currently addressed through the online lessons. These assignments count as 5% of the grade and are required.

Can you skip lessons in acellus?

If particular lessons are redundant for a student, you can switch to tutoring mode in the teacher controls for course management. This allows you to use lessons in whatever order you choose, or even skip lessons.

What is the best accredited homeschool program?

Liberty University is the best homeschool program from among a range of different Christian homeschool correspondence options on the market. Founded in 1972, Liberty University offers a comprehensive biblically based curriculum for preschool through to grade 12, complete with textbooks and teaching aids.

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How much is acellus a month?

Acellus Homeschool mode is $29.95 for one month, or $299 for one year. The great thing about Acellus homeschool is that there are no contracts, and Acellus can be cancelled at any time. A drawback is there isn’t a trial mode.

How long is an acellus course?

Acellus STEM-10 STEM-10 is a ten-year program starting at the elementary level in 3rd grade.

How do I get acellus?

To get started as a student on Acellus, you will need an Acellus ID and Password from your teacher or parent. Next go to Acellus.com, click the Student Sign-In button, and enter your Acellus ID and Password. To sign in, go to Acellus.com and select the Student Sign In button.

How old is acellus?

Since its formation in 2001, the Acellus Learning System has been expanded to include over 250 courses covering all subjects for grades K-12, impacting millions of learners in schools nationwide. Schools across the nation access the Acellus Learning System as their core K-12 online curriculum.

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