FAQ: Which Is A Better School Between Marco Island Academy And Lely High School Naples Florida?

Does Marco Island have good schools?

Marco Island has one of the highest concentrations of top ranked public schools in Florida. The top ranked public schools in Marco Island, FL are Tommie Barfield Elementary School, Marco Island Charter Middle School and Marco Island Academy.

Does Naples Fl have good schools?

The best top ranked private schools in Naples, FL include Education World Wide, The Village School and Naples Christian Academy. The average tuition cost is $9,924, which is higher than the Florida private school average tuition cost of $9,411.

What is the richest school in Florida?

Rollins College is the most expensive school with tuition & fees of $53,716 and University of Miami ($53,682) and Stetson University ($49,500) are following it in the list of Florida Colleges with the Highest Tuition & Fees.

What city in Florida has the best schools?

The top-ranked school district in Florida is St. Johns County School District in St. Augustine.

How many students are at Marco Island Academy?

2255 San Marco Rd. Marco Island Academy is a public charter high school (9-12) located in Marco Island, Collier County, Florida.

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What time does Lely high school start?

Student Hours: 7:10 A.M. – 2:05 P.M.

What is the most expensive high school in Florida?

Pine Crest School, Fort Lauderdale. At over $62,000 Forman is currently the most expensive private high school in the U.S. in Florida.

What part of Florida is best to raise a family?

Johns County, with a population of under 20,000, Nocatee, Florida ranks as the best town to raise a family. Because this master-planned community combines things such as a variety of neighborhoods, with recreation, parks, and restaurants, it makes for a safe and fun place to live for families.

What is the number one school in Florida?

Here are the best colleges in Florida

  • University of Florida.
  • Florida State University.
  • University of Miami.
  • University of South Florida.
  • University of Central Florida.
  • Florida International University.
  • Florida A&M University.
  • Florida Institute of Technology.

What colleges are in Naples FL?

Naples boasts a crime rate almost 90% lower than the Florida average, and 57% safer than other US cities. Low Cost of Living — While Naples is full of fine dining establishments, cultural institutions and high-end hotels, it’s a surprisingly affordable place to live.

What is the crime rate in Naples Florida?

Naples has an overall crime rate of 15 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Naples is 1 in 66.

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