Quick Answer: How To Teach Cisco Academy In High School?

How do I become a Cisco Academy instructor?

Instructors must complete training and become certified to be qualified to teach in the Academy program. They must pass the on-line final exam with a score of 80 percent or better, and pass a hands-on exam at the end of each semester after semester one training.

What is Cisco High School?

The IT Networking Academy (Cisco Academy) is a nationally recognized program that prepares students for successful careers in information technology fields such as computer network design and administration, hardware, software and network installation, local and wide-area network (LAN/WAN) management and systems

What is a responsibility of a Cisco Networking Academy instructor?

Provide the expertise and knowledge that support the college curriculum and programs. Establish courses following accepted higher education standards, teach students using a variety of effective methodologies and provide engagement and support activities that encourage student learning.

What is Cisco Networking Academy all about?

Cisco Networking Academy is a global platform which can be used to inspire students and instructors to make their future brighter. Cisco Networking Academy puts theory and hands-on-experience into practice.

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What are three requirements needed to maintain the status of instructor trainer?

Once qualified, in order to maintain Instructor Trainer status, the following is required:

  • Requalify every three years concurrent with industry recertification.
  • Teach at least one instructor class every 12 months (coteaching would also qualify)
  • Associate with at least one ITC.

What is your Networking Academy ID?

As you probably already know, both the Networking Academy ID and Screen Name can be found in your NetAcad account by clicking on your name (top-right corner) and then Profile.

What college is in Cisco TX?

Cisco College

Which Cisco Networking Academy course prepares students for the Comptia A+ certification?

The Cisco Networking Academy’s IT Essentials I: PC Hardware and Software course helps to prepare students to take both of the exams necessary for this certification.

What are the features of Cisco Packet Tracer?

Key Features:

  • Unlimited devices.
  • E-learning.
  • Customize single/multi user activities.
  • Interactive Environment.
  • Visualizing Networks.
  • Real-time mode and Simulation mode.
  • Self-paced.
  • Supports majority of networking protocols.

How long is a Cisco certification discount voucher from the Cisco Networking Academy valid?

Your voucher should be valid for at least three months. for the CCNA Composite exam, that link and the ICND2 voucher exam link will disappear.

Is CCNA difficult?

The Cisco CCNA is a challenging entry-level IT certification exam because it requires both technical networking knowledge and the ability to configure specific equipment issued by Cisco.

How much does CCNA exam cost?

How much is the CCNA exam? The CCNA exam costs $300, plus tax. You can also use Cisco Learning Credits to purchase the exam.

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