FAQ: Where Is Academy Of Interactive Entertainment Located?

Where is the Academy of Interactive Entertainment?

AIE Seattle is located in the Seattle Center Armory (formerly the Center House) @ 305 Harrison St, Suite 405, Seattle, WA 98109.

Is AIE a university or college?

AIE was created over 20 years ago with a vision to help group the video games, animation and visual effects industries. “The biggest difference between a larger university and a specialised school like AIE is that all the funding goes into one discipline.

Is the Academy of Interactive Entertainment accredited?

The AIE Lafayette campus is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. All Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) certificate and diploma programs are nationally accredited and recognized through the Australian Qualifications Framework, which is based on industry skill standards.

What is AIE course?

Advanced Institute of Education (AIE), a constituent of Advanced Educational Institutions occupies a unique position in academic circles. To achieve the goal of providing quality education, various innovative practices are used as transactional strategies.

Is Academy of Interactive Entertainment a good school?

Academy of Interactive Entertainment – Seattle, WA is an above-average private college located in Seattle, Washington. The Academy of Interactive Entertainment – Seattle, WA acceptance rate is 92%. Popular majors include Computer Graphics and Animation, Video Graphics and Special Effects.

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What does AIE stand for Australia?

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is Australia’s most awarded 3D animation, game design and visual FX educator.

How old do you have to be to go to AIE?

Students Under 18 Unfortunately, at this stage AIE does not accept enrolments from applicants under the age of 18 to any of our full-time games programming or 3D animation courses.

Where can I study Draughtsman in South Africa?

The Academy of Draughting is one of South Africa leading Draughting training institutions of its kind. Established in 1981 the Johannesburg and Durban campuses have been recognized and respected by the Engineers, Architects and Draughtsman industries for over thirty years.

How do you become a draftsman in South Africa?

Prospective draughtsmen can also obtain certificate courses in Multi-Disciplinary Drawing Office Practice (N4 – N5) at a FET college. After obtaining the certificate, the students must undergo three years of in-service training in a drawing office, before they can be called draughtsmen.

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