FAQ: Where Is Saylor Academy Located?

Is Saylor Academy legit?

Saylor Academy is a nonprofit initiative working since 2008 to offer free and open online courses to all who want to learn.

What is your main goal at Saylor Academy?

Saylor Academy’s mission is to open education to all. We offer nearly 100 full-length courses at the college and professional levels, each of which is available right now — at your pace, on your schedule, and free of cost.

How is Saylor Academy funded?

Saylor.org is an open-access online-learning platform that provides self-paced college-level courseware to the public free of charge. The site is funded and maintained by The Saylor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution.

How do you cite a Saylor Academy book?

Though it will vary from source to source, the general structure of a print book citation is as follows: Author Last Name, Initials. (Year of publication). Title of the work.

Which online certification is best?

Featured Online Schools

  1. Leadership and Management Certificate.
  2. Risk Management.
  3. Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification.
  4. International Business Management Certificate.
  5. Microsoft Certified Professional.

Can I put online courses on my resume?

You can include intro online classes on your resume if they’re part of a whole curriculum program that you completed. Otherwise, talk about your intro classes as part of your professional journey during your interview.

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Does Saylor give free certificate?

Saylor Academy courses provide free certificates of completion issued through our partner Accredible. These digital credentials allow students to present a rich and trustworthy record of their learning to anyone at any time.

What is a Saylor?

The name Saylor is primarily a gender-neutral name of German origin that means Boat Man. Occupational surname for a boat worker.

Are Saylor Academy courses accredited?

The Saylor Academy is not accredited within any traditional system, but they have been featured as a candidate for launching a system of alternative accreditation through the use of badges. Through cooperation with other organizations, the Saylor Academy can offer degrees, that are nevertheless low cost.

Who founded Saylor Academy?

Michael J. Saylor

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