FAQ: Where Is The Starfleet Academy Located?

Where is Starfleet Academy filming location?

Japanese Garden, Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant – 6100 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA (Starfleet Academy.)

Is there a real Starfleet Academy?

The Starfleet Academy Experience conceit is that Star Trek – all 50 years of it – is real and you are attending career day at the Academy, which in Star Trek lore is located in San Francisco.

Who goes to Starfleet Academy?

All Starfleet officers must attend Starfleet Academy and complete a minimum four year training program. Cadets at any Starfleet Academy campus have choices when they’re compiling their courseload and choosing their focus. Most cadets enter the Academy at age 18.

How long does it take to go through Starfleet Academy?

Students undergo a four-year program of academics and training, after which they are typically commissioned as ensigns. Non-Federation citizens must present a letter of recommendation from a command-level officer in Starfleet before they can take the entrance examination.

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Which Star Trek episodes were filmed at Vasquez?

The area has been used in the filming of numerous Star Trek productions, including at least ten television episodes and two movies. Appearances in Star Trek

  • “Shore Leave” (as the Shore Leave Planet)
  • “Arena” as (as the Metron planet)
  • “The Alternative Factor” (as Lazarus’ planet)
  • “Friday’s Child” (as Capella IV)

How do you get into Starfleet Academy?

Admission is open to any Federation citizen, or non-citizens by sponsorship of a Starfleet command-level officer; minimum entry age for humans is 16.

Why is Starfleet based in San Francisco?

In Character, Starfleet Headquarters is located in the Presidio of San Francisco where the Spanish built a fort to protect San Francisco Bay and has been the center of the defense of the Western U.S. since 1776. Because of this it made sense for the military location to be converted for use by Starfleet.

Who started Starfleet?

The Federation Starfleet was created from the space and science programs and militaries of the Federation’s founding Member States, including the United Earth Starfleet (founded only about twenty to thirty years earlier), the Andorian Imperial Guard, the Vulcan Space Council and the military forces of Tellarite and

What is the highest rank in Starfleet?

Fleet Admiral Highest normal military rank in Starfleet. Ranking: O-12 A Fleet Admiral wears four solid gold pips encased in a gold box on the collar. Addressed as: “Admiral”, introduced as “Fleet Admiral”.

Where is Starfleet Headquarters San Francisco?

Starfleet Command building, 2143-2155. The building of 22nd century Earth Starfleet Command is located northeast of the Golden Gate Bridge, on the northern shore of the small Horseshoe Bay.

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How old are Starfleet Academy graduates?

My guess is that it’s similar to current universities, and involves a two-to-four year plan of study, and that the average person will graduate at the age of 21 or 22. What do other people think? Once you’re in the Academy, it looks to be a 4-year curriculum.

Who is in charge of Starfleet?

Fleet Admiral Morrow, who was identified as “Commander, Starfleet” in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, might have been the commander in chief of Starfleet.

What do the uniform colors mean in Star Trek?

The colors include white for command; gold for engineering; gray for science, communications and navigation; dark green for security; light green for medical; dark blue for operations; light blue for special services; and red for low-grade officers and officer cadets.

How long does it take to become a Starfleet captain?

6 years to captain means that the officer is promoted from Ensign out of academy to Lieutenant JG, Lieutenant, and at least Lieutenant Commander, in 6 years. That’s averaging a promotion every two years for Picard. For Tryla Scott, we’d add in two more for LTCDR to Commander, and then to Captain.

Are there any more Star Trek series planned?

The next new Trek show is Star Trek: Prodigy, coming to Paramount+ in 2021.

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