Often asked: Where Is The Crst Expedited Academy Located?

Where are CRST schools located?

Where are your schools located? CRST operates one of their own driving schools in Cedar Rapids, IA, and they also contract out to multiple independent CDL schools in Dallas TX, Riverside CA, and Jacksonville, FL.

Where is CRST Transportation located?

CRST The Transportation Solution, Inc. (formerly CRST International) is an American freight company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Founded in 1955 by Herald and Miriam Smith, it is a privately held company with a current fleet of about 4,500 trucks and annual revenues of $1.5 billion.

How much is CRST training?

Time to complete this education training ranges from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 1 month. The cost to attend CRST Training school ranges from $100 to $10,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $3,500.

Does CRST pay you while training?

There is no pay while in school, you will be on the payroll when you start out with your training by the lead driver.

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Can you drive solo for CRST?

SOLO DRIVER OPTIONS CRST solo drivers have all kinds of driving options including: dedicated, regional and local. You choose the freight and driving style that’s right for you.

Is CRST a good company?

Great place to start Great place for experience but not very competitive on their pay. Owned by one of the largest trucking companies that is completely debt free CRST. One of many divisions.

Is CRST team only?

Yes, the flats have solos – I’m one of them. CRST Malone doesn’t have a company side, though – the closest you can come to being a company driver for Malone is to do like I did, and get hired on with a fleet owner who leases onto them.

How many terminals does CRST have?

CRST has four terminals – Cedar Rapids Iowa, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Riverside, California. Note that the Carlisle location does not offer a CDL training program.

What kind of drug test does CRST do?

Hair Follicle Drug Testing: NON-DOT Hair Follicle Drug Testing is a REQUIREMENT for hire, failure to complete the testing will result in a Refusal and you will not be eligible for employment with CRST indefinitely. What to Expect: A hair sample will be obtained from the head or from the body.

Is Schneider a good company to start with?

For starters, Schneider National is a great company. They have excellent equipment and a ton of different opportunities for different types of freight and various home time options. And 47 cpm is very good pay, assuming you’re going to get solid miles.

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How much does CRST pay after training?

You will pay $6,500 at the beginning of your training, but then qualify for higher wages and a sign on bonus. Are you still unsure about CRST Expedited’s Training Program?

Will CRST hire felons?

Yes. They will hire you with current felonies on file as long as there’s no wants or warrants for your arrest.

How long is CRST contract?

You will sign a 10-month contract and become a CRST “contract” student. CRST will not deduct the cost of your training tuition from your paychecks. The items listed below are paid for by CRST up front. These items are only for costs associated with school.

Does CR England pay well?

How much does a Truck Driver at CR England make? The typical CR England Truck Driver salary is $29 per hour. Truck Driver salaries at CR England can range from $11 – $35 per hour.

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