Often asked: Where Is The Fire Academy For Loudon County Va Located?

How long is the Fire Academy in Virginia?

​ Virginia Beach firefighter recruits will receive a salary and benefits while they attend the Fire Academy for 6 months.

How much do Loudoun County firefighters make?

How much does a Firefighter/Emt make at Loudoun County, VA in Virginia? Average Loudoun County, VA Firefighter/Emt yearly pay in Virginia is approximately $46,669, which meets the national average.

How do you join the Virginia Fire Academy?

All applicants must be at least 18 years old by the application deadline; have a valid driver’s license or ID; have a high school diploma or equivalent. The application must be complete and legible. Once candidates successfully complete the application stage, they will be invited to participate in the Testing Phase.

Is it hard to be a firefighter in Virginia?

There are lots of challenges ahead of you if you’re interested in learning how to become a firefighter in Virginia. Some applicants will fall at the first hurdle because of their background and past or current tobacco use. Others may struggle to meet the requirements on the fitness and personality tests.

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Do you get paid for the fire academy?

Do you get paid while in training? Yes. All training is provided during the Fire Recruit Academy.

Do Loudoun County teachers get a pension?

Regular, 30 or more hour employees of Loudoun County are automatically enrolled in benefits under the Virginia Retirement System (VRS). VRS provides pension benefits as well as basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) benefits.

Do you sleep at the fire academy?

For example, students attending Portland Fire & Rescue’s Training Academy must be seated at their desks and fully prepared for the day at 7:00 am sharp. Their classes meet Monday through Thursday, so Friday students can sleep in. From 7:00 am to 8:00 am, students will participate in housework and apparatus checks.

How long does the fire academy take?

The average fire academy program takes about 12 to 14 weeks to complete a total of 600 hours of training. While most programs want all students to enter at the same time, some have staggered entrance options. Generally, you’ll need to commit anywhere from 40 to 48 hours weekly to undergo the program.

Is the fire academy hard?

Is the Fire Academy Difficult? The fire academy is a part of every firefighter’s journey, and it can be very difficult. This basic level of training is what is necessary to ensure you are safe and capable to handle the situations you will encounter in the fire service.

How many fire stations are in Alexandria VA?

Alexandria Fire Stations. The following is a listing of the 10 stations of the Alexandria Fire Department.

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What county is Ashburn VA in?

Loudoun County

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