Readers ask: Where Is The Real Madrid Youth Academy Located?

Does Real Madrid have youth academy?

Real Madrid youth coaches, along with the Euro Soccer team, will be selecting 5-10 players from each of the camps for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train for 5 days at Real Madrid’s Campus in Madrid, Spain. Participants will experience what it’s like to be an academy player for the world’s best football club.

How do you get into Real Madrid academy?

Register with the website

  1. MADRIDISTA CARD HOLDER. Sign in. If you have a Madridista card, you are already signed up.
  2. I am not a member or a madridista. I would like to sign up. If you are not a Member or a Madridista card-holder, sign up and you can start to enjoy exclusive content.

Is Real Madrid training ground grass?

There are 10 grass and astroturf football pitches surrounded by stands with a capacity for more than 11,000 spectators. This sports complex has put Real Madrid at the forefront of world training facilities and there is nowhere else quite like it.

Do Real Madrid have an academy?

La Fábrica (English: “The Factory”) is the name given to Real Madrid’s farm system and academy. La Fábrica is housed in Ciudad Real Madrid, Real Madrid’s training facility located in Valdebebas.

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Can a indian join Real Madrid?

Pynadath ended up signing with Real Madrid, becoming the first American—and the first player of Indian descent—ever to join the club’s youth program.

How do you get selected for La Liga?

Players are selected by two primary criteria: skills and on field character. There is no guaranteed number of selections from each location, it is all dependent on true ability. Participants in the Showcase stage are the best players scouted by LaLiga scouts and selected from the Talent ID stage.

Which football academy is the best in Nigeria?

Top Ten Best Football Academies In Nigeria And Their Fees

  • Abuja Football College.
  • Midas Soccer Academy (MSA)
  • Papilo Football Academy.
  • Barcelona Football Academy Nigeria.
  • Chelsea Football Academy Nigeria.
  • The International Sports Academy.
  • Lagos Tigers FC.
  • SIAONE Soccer Academy.

What is the meaning of La Masia?

La Masia – which is Catalan for ‘the Farmhouse’ – is the name that is generally used to describe the Barcelona youth academy, or cantera (meaning ‘quarry’) to give its Spanish name.

How do you get into Manchester United academy?

Scouts regularly select young players from soccer school sessions and invite them to trial at the development centres for Manchester United Academy, and anyone can play in their soccer schools so it offers an open door for all to get scouted.

Where do Real Madrid players live?

Over the years, La Moraleja, in the north of Madrid, has been the residential estate of choice of Real Madrid players given its proximity to the Training Grounds (Valdebebas), its security, and the privacy of the homes.

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Is Real Madrid a city?

Madrid, Spain

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