Where Is Pentester Academy Located?

Is Pentester Academy any good?

It satisfies all my requirements for a technical training and it is very affordable! Best quality/price combo. Training material is well structured, practices after each section are great to help understanding the topic, exams are also great practical ones.

Is Pentester Academy Indian?

Vivek Ramachandran is the Founder, CEO of Pentester Academy. We now train thousands of customers from government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and smaller enterprises from over 90 countries. It has physical offices in Silicon Valley, USA, Singapore and Pune, Kolkata in India.

Is Pentest Academy free?

Pentester Academy TV ( Free Service)

Where do I start the Pentest Academy?

To get started with free access, simply sign in with Google at https://attackdefense.pentesteracademy.com. You’ll get to explore all our lab categories and play with free labs such as our Community Labs.

Is Pentester Lab Pro worth it?

In short, I would say PentesterLab PRO won’t make you an expert or walk away writing zero-day web app exploits, but it is an excellent starting point for anyone that wishes to learn web application penetration testing and web security through hands-on and real-world examples.

Is Python good for pen testing?

Python is a powerful language for penetration testers, and packs many libraries and tools that can make a penetration tester’s life easier, and can be used as a basis to build custom tools and exploits.

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What is certified Red Team professional?

The Certified Red Team Professional is a completely hands-on certification. To be certified, a student must solve practical and realistic challenges in our fully patched Windows infrastructure labs containing multiple Windows domains and forests. Students will have 24 hours for the hands-on certification exam.

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